Arthur Grossman was born in New York City in 1934.  He began his interest in both photography and music at the age of eleven.

His photography has included street photography, rehearsal photographs of Pablo Casals, which have been exhibited world-wide and are in many museum collections, and for the last twenty years he has focused on abstract color images.  Publications of these abstract images include Leica Fotographie, as well as a book which was published by the Yunnan Fine Arts Press.

Most recently he has begun wildlife photography, having photographed in Alaska, Tanzania, Arizona and New Mexico.

As a life long professional musician, Arthur has performed with many symphony orchestras and was a founding member of the Soni Ventorum Wind Quintet, which toured and recorded for more than 35 years, including many foreign tours under the auspices of the State Department.  Learn more at

“Save Grossman’s photographs for last - they may be the most rewarding to see of any photographs presently on display in Seattle. Their communication is direct-and to the heart”  - Seattle Times

“Nearly all the images in this show… pull the viewer in, demand a second and third look.”  - Port Townsend Leader

“He discovered a new realm of photography with his creative mind and sight. He became a dreamer behind the camera lens. The images look like ballet movements, a world map or a fairy tale.  The photographer’s imagination is enriched by his wealth of knowledge and deep artistic cultivation...”  - Zhu Yunkuan   Kunming, China

“It is as if in this world of reality, a different realm of aesthetics is revealed to us.  He brings the variability in things to a higher level... from the form of these abstract objects, he discovers the existence, movements and manifestation of a different world in the frames of photography art.   When these sets of works are put together, they seem to have risen beyond the fixed form of limited space defined by their frames.  They present to the viewer a realm of aesthetics that is non-realistic and is boundless.”  - Yunnan Daily,  Kunming, China 

“I have been in the field of photography for so many years, yet, I have never had any exposure to this kind of photography.  It leaves one with a feeling of freshness, splendor and enrichment.”  - Spring City Evening News, Kunming, China

“There’s nothing arty here.  Grossman has, instead, perfectly captured the joys of being human, alive and making music”  - Seattle Times

My work is an exploration of the beauty to be found in things that are normally either not seen, ignored, or felt to be a blight.  I seek organic forms in the alterations to man-made objects which are caused by time and environment.  All of the surfaces are man-made, i.e. metal, wood, concrete, or fiberglass.  The images are all made from the actual physical objects themselves, with no intervention on my part.

The work may be viewed simply as art, with no reference to what it comes from, or it may be viewed as a statement about what happens to man-made surfaces through time.  As in any abstract art, the viewer brings his/her own perspective to the work and sees in it what he or she is prepared to see.  Some see anthropomorphic or animal forms, others see celestial forms.  To me it is immaterial what references people find in the work if they appreciate its beauty.